I am a keen birdwatcher living in Milton Keynes and from childhood have been interested in the wonderful world of nature that surrounds us.

A few years ago I was given a pocket size Panasonic Lumix camera and I was amazed at how the pictures I had taken opened up a new perspective to me of the surrounding flora and fauna. Thus began a new interest for me in wildlife photography.

To my delight - some of the images I had taken of our garden flowers and insects were used for marketing by the Company I was working for by the way of Calendars that were given to customers. These proved very popular. Encouraged by this development (excuse the pun!) I turned my ‘photographic’ attention to the birds that visited our garden. I soon realised that an upgrade of equipment was required if I was to achieve any reasonable quality photo’s. Initially I purchased a Canon 60D which did improve the images. However, still wanting better quality shots, I later bought the Canon 7D M11 plus the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM and - as an amateur photographer - I am extremely happy with the images I have managed to capture. I do not post-edit my photos extensively other than some basic ‘tweaking’ as I believe my style of photography captures a moment in time.

The main purpose of this website - with the generous help of my web developer “Tishansoft Ltd” is to bring the wonders of nature to the attention of as many people of all generations that I can. It is very rewarding to watch the amazement on peoples faces - especially children - as they discover the close up wonders of the natural world.